Selfhosted Kubernetes Management Platform.

Use a Selfhosted installation of our Kubernetes Management Platform.

About our Platform.

We began our journey with Kubernetes back in 2018, making it our preferred platform for orchestrating container deployments. Our customers at Avisi Cloud predominantly use the private cloud, resulting in us deploying Kubernetes using Ansible. As our number of clients grew, so did the number of Kubernetes Clusters we managed, spreading across both private and public clouds. This growth led to an increase in the amount of effort required to maintain all those clusters across our organization.

During this period, we quickly realized the necessity for a robust solution. This solution needed to streamline the maintenance of environments, clusters, and the respective tooling, ensuring everything stayed up-to-date. It also had to save our engineers’ time by reducing repetitive maintenance tasks and preventing unforeseen errors during the upgrade process.

After looking for solutions, we found no existing solutions meet our specific needs. So in 2019 we decided to develop our own platform tailored to our needs. Designed from the ground up to support Kubernetes across multiple cloud environments for a wide array of organizations and teams.

By June 2020, we successfully launched our production platform. Since then, we’ve been providing support to numerous customers and teams. We’ve managed hundreds of Kubernetes Clusters across both public and private clouds, highlighting the versatility and robustness of our platform.

Selfhosted Kubernetes Management.

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Our platform provides multi-tenant Kubernetes as a Service Platform. Our self-hosted solution is ideally suited for large enterprises, MSPs and other regulated industries.

Whether our end-users choose to use Kubernetes on their private cloud or a public one like AWS, the experience remains seamless. Thanks to an integrated observability stack, there’s no need for teams to manually set up tools like Prometheus. It all comes pre-configured, complete with long-term storage.

Moreover, we maintain our own Kubernetes distribution, ensuring uniformity across different environments. This means that you always operate with the exact version and combination of tooling and add-ons, no matter where clusters are deployed. System upgrades can be performed confidently after initial testing in a test cluster. This consistency removes the worry of unexpected surprises during upgrades.

Avisi Cloud Platform

Out-of-the-Box Managed Kubernetes.

Get out of the box Managed Kubernetes for your customers and end-users. Build for multi-teams, MSPs, Enterprises and more.

Hosted in your datacenter.

Run our management platform within your own datacenter or private cloud

Managed Observability Platform.

Easily integrated Observability, natively available for your customers.

Compliance & Security Focussed.

Strong focus on security and Compliance built-in the product.


Discover the power of self-hosted Kubernetes management with Avisi Cloud. Maximize efficiency, scalability, and security, and unlock new possibilities for your business. Contact us now to schedule a demo and explore how Avisi Cloud can revolutionize your Kubernetes operations.
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