Managed Kubernetes Observability

Up-and-Running with a full Day-2 Operations Observability stack within minutes. No maintenance, fully managed.

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Fully integrated Observability Service, automatically configured within your Kubernetes Cluster. Observability Logo
Integrated with Best in Class Observability Tooling, out of the Box.


Smooth day-2 Operations with
Avisi Cloud Observability.

Use best-in-class Open Source tooling for your Observability Stack. We keep it up-to-date.

Pay as you Go.

Only pay for what you use.

Always On

We make sure we do not go down.

Connect to any cloud

We host our platform on any cloud.
Configure scrape targets, or a Push Gateway.

Long term storage

We offer highly-available long term storage for your metrics.

Observability Insights within our Console

Your Prometheus metrics are visuable right away, in the context of your cluster to help you get a quick overview. Link with any external Prometheus compatible client, such as Grafana and others.

Kubernetes Cluster Graphs
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