The Benefits of Avisi
Managed Environments

Avisi Mangement Environment (AME) delivers a Intuitive Interface and enhanced visibility Management Platform.
Enjoy user-friendly dashboard for intuitive application container management.

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Centralized Monitoring & Observability

Gain real-time insights into cluster performance and resource utilization. A user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use interface that gives a complete overview of the containerized landscape.

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Kubernetes Cluster Graphs
Kubernetes Cluster Create

Effortless Across Clouds

Streamline Kubernetes management across Public and Private cloud. Deploy clusters within 5 minutes, fully integrated Identity & Access Management and more.

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Streamline processes for faster development and deployment. Streamline your DevOps workflows with automated processes, CI/CD integration, and more. Teams and developers no longer have any hassle of deploying their software, all infra, security, availability etc. is fully managed.

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DevOps at Avisi Cloud Platform

The Benefits of Using Avisi Managed Environments

1. Increase insight

Using AME will give you a complete insight on your containerized application landscape. You can even get a detailed overview in the cost and CO2 emission of a single or multiple applications.

2. The ROI expert

By using a fully managed platform for all containerized applications you will need less resources for maintenance, support and technical management. Best practice shows that a resource reduction of >70% is feasible. Resources will be allocated to do less repetitive work and more complex and added value activities. Higher availability and continuity over the complete application landscape will certainly pay back.

3. Best of breed

We use several Software Vendors and Open Source applications. Therefore we can provide a full stack of integrated tools, applications and services that allow users or developers to build, deploy and manage applications and/or data.

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