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A new Era in application management


Effectively managing the cost, compliance, and continuous operation of applications within the complex multi-cloud and on-premise hosting landscape presents a formidable challenge. The dynamic nature of cloud services, in conjunction with diverse on-premise environments, requires careful supervision. Balancing expenditures across multiple platforms, upholding strict regulatory adherence, and ensuring uninterrupted service delivery demands careful and precise planning and execution. To attain this level of control, a profound comprehension of cloud cost optimization, proactive compliance management, and the implementation of resilient continuity strategies that seamlessly integrate hybrid infrastructure is essential.

Our vision anticipates a future where the Kubernetes market serves as the linchpin of cloud-native technology, sparking innovation and digital transformation across global industries. Achieving control in this complex, ever-evolving landscape is made possible through hyperautomation and artificial intelligence.


Our mission is to empower businesses to seamlessly manage their multi-cloud Kubernetes environments, eliminating the complexities of orchestration and enabling efficient, scalable, and reliable application deployment. We are committed to providing a robust, user-friendly platform that integrates with diverse cloud infrastructures, automates routine tasks, and ensures high levels of security and compliance.

Through continuous innovation and exceptional customer service, we strive to simplify cloud-native technology, helping our clients focus on what they do best – creating value for their customers. Our goal is to be the trusted partner for businesses navigating the challenges of multi-cloud Kubernetes orchestration, driving their digital transformation journey, and contributing to their success.

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We make sure you are in control

Simplifying Kubernetes management across multiple cloud providers, enhancing operational efficiency and allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

With built-in compliance, security, and observability features, as well as auto-healing and auto-upgrade capabilities, AME provides a reliable, secure, and efficient solution for managing and deploying applications in the cloud.

We are one step ahead

With more than 20 years of experience in developing and managing software we are a leading company. We deliver a “state-of-art” fully integrated solution, based on the best of breed solutions in the market combined with the best practice.

What makes us also unique is that we manage multi-cloud / hybrid cloud / public & private cloud and on premise.

We keep it simple

We offer a simple and cost-effective way to deploy and manage containerized applications using Kubernetes. Our ease of use (and user-friendly interface) across environments (cloud/on-premise) and solutions gives a clear and transparant insight in the complete application landscape

We take it step-by-step

You are already using different tools to manage your environment, that’s good news. We can integrate them easily in our platform, in this case you will have a jump start.

Next steps will be to further enrich and enhance your environment step-by-step. Based on your priorities (Continuity, Cost, Compliancy etc.)

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

As a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, you can be sure you get assistance by industry experts in the world of Kubernetes and Cloud Native. We have a proven track-record of helping business overcome their challanges in the world of Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

The people behind our success

Meet the people behind our success

Avisi Cloud CEO Jan Bakker

Jan Bakker, CEO

Avisi Cloud CTO Jeroen Veldhorst

Jeroen Veldhorst, CTO

Avisi Cloud CCO Mike Gries

Mike Gries, CCO

Platform Development

Meet our Software engineering and DevOps teams that are responsible for developing and running our Cloud Platforms, assisting our customers and helping you stay ahead in the world of Kubernetes.

Our Engineers are constantly innovating and developing the simplest solutions to help you reduce complexity and speed-up business agility in a world of software. Our teams have years of experience running and managing the entire lifecycle of hundreds of Kubernetes Clusters across dozens of Cloud platforms, including Public, Private and on-premise.

Avisi Cloud Team

Site Reliability Engineering & DevOps

Meet our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams that help you stay in control.

Our SRE and DevOps engineers assist customers with migrating to Kubernetes, setting up state-of-the-art CI/CD pipelines, reducing operational complexity and much more.

Avisi Cloud Team


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