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Our expertise forms the basis for our Kubernetes managed environment. We have build a platform based on years of experience with Kubernetes and cloud native technologies.

  • Console: Simplify Kubernetes management and improve operational efficiency. Use a single pane of glass to manage clusters across multiple cloud providers.
  • Identity Access Management: Single-Sign one and personal accounts for all clusters and resources, including logging and monitoring data, based on OIDC.
  • Observability: We utilize best-in-class tooling ensures log and metrics aggregation for every Kubernetes cluster, available by default.
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Stay focused on your business.
Let us handle the infrastructure.

Immutable updates.

Fully automated updates of Kubernetes and other components, such as Prometheus. Fully tested and integrated.

Deep understanding of Kubernetes.

We have experience running Kubernetes Clusters for large scale production systems. Both in the public and private Cloud.

Public & Private Clouds

Run Kubernetes within any Public or Private Cloud, such as OpenStack & VMWare VCloud. Support for major public Cloud Providers such as AWS.

Auto upgrades

You are in control - let us know your window, and we will roll out the latest patches for your cluster. Use various update strategies to automate your cluster maintenance tasks.

Upstream Kubernetes & Consistent Experience

Choose a fully CNCF-compliant distribution, such as upstream vanilla Kubernetes, for a worry-free experience. With no vendor lock-in, you can enjoy the same seamless experience across different cloud providers.

Platform Auto-healing

Full auto-healing on all infrastructure, regardless of the Cloud platform used. Not only on your Kubernetes Nodes, but also on core components such as CNI plugins, Observability Components and more.

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