Why Choose Avisi Cloud?

Avisi Cloud: Your Trusted Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.

As a Platform engineer, you understand the importance of stability and security in your Kubernetes environment. With Avisi Cloud, you can rest assured that these aspects are our top priorities. Our platform is designed to deliver rock-solid performance and safeguard your applications and data.

Simplified Configuration with Familiar Components.

No need to start from scratch. Avisi Cloud allows you to leverage the components you already know and love. Say goodbye to configuration hassles and utilize your existing tools without compromise. We make it effortless to streamline your workflows.

Integrated Observability for Effortless Monitoring.

Avoid the hassle of patching multiple addons and tools across your Kubernetes clusters manually. Avisi Cloud offers a fully integrated and supported observability platform based on Prometheus. Gain valuable insights and keep a watchful eye on your applications with ease.

Embrace Multi-Cloud Environments with Confidence

We understand that teams may run in different clouds. With Avisi Cloud, you can embrace multi-cloud environments while maintaining a consistent deployment strategy. Our platform enables you to standardize your Kubernetes approach across clouds, ensuring efficiency and reducing complexity.

Multi-Tenant Simplicity Right from the Start.

We know that managing multiple tenants can be complex. That’s why Avisi Cloud provides seamless multi-tenancy out-of-the-box. Easily manage and isolate environments for different teams or clients without the headaches of manual configuration.

Reduce Maintenance and Operational Toil.

Eliminate the burden of maintenance and operational toil. Avisi Cloud reduces the time and effort spent on managing your Kubernetes environment, allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives. Experience increased productivity and let us handle the heavy lifting.


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