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Multi Cloud Strategy, without the investment

Our platform provides multi-cloud support, so you can deploy your applications across a range of cloud providers. This means you can leverage the benefits of each cloud provider and avoid vendor lock-in.

  • Start with AWS, DigitalOcean or another public cloud
  • Quickly adopt other public clouds within your organisation
  • Use the same workflows and infrastructure as code everywhere

From zero to Production in minutes

Our platform offers a streamlined process for setting up a production ready Kubernetes Environment. With just a few clicks, you can go from zero to production-ready in minutes. Our auto-updates ensure your environments are always up-to-date with the latest Kubernetes releases.

  • No need to invest in infrastructure knowledge or expertise
  • Focus only on your software
  • Leverage quality run books and expert support for debugging your cloud native environments
Avisi Cloud Console dashboard

Managed Observability out-of-the-box

Avisi Cloud offers fully integrated, highly available managed observability. Gain managed metrics, insights, logging and alerting with a click of the button.

  • Managed Prometheus with long term persistence, highly available
  • Global overview of all your Prometheus alerts, across any cluster, through a single plane of glass
  • Centralized management of Alertmanager and Prometheus Rules

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