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Managed Cloud-Native Hosting

Outsource your Kubernetes hosting and operations to one of our Managed Application teams.

Cloud-Native hosting for SaaS and Enterprise businesses.

We help our customers with keeping their infrastructure and platform up-to-date and secure. When adopting our managed cloud-native hosting, our engineers will work with you in order to set-up a full GitOps CI/CD Pipeline using best practices from our Production Guide for Kubernetes.

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SOC-2 Compliance

We are heavily focused on Compliance and Security. Managed Cloud-Native Hosting will help you achieve SOC-2 Compliance by receiving various tools to assist you with your Controls, including for automated patching, back-ups and more.

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Leverage Cloud Expertise

Rely on expertise from our Cloud-Native Infrastructure and Software experts. Take a short-cut to Production and keep your Software Engineers focused on your Product.

Infrastructure kept up-to-date

We apply regular updates for all infrastructure components within your platform. Stop worrying about unpatched software.

Compliance & Security

Security is baked-into everything we do. We help you with the best-in-class Security Tooling available for Kubernetes and Containers. Pro-active support and communication about Security issues with your environments.

Platform Auto-healing

Our engineers are always available to resolve any incident. And when they are not, our auto-healing functionality will kick-in.

Hosting across multiple Clouds

We can host your Business Critical Applications across multiple Clouds, using the best available technology to ensure Availability, Reliability, Security and more.