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Avisi Cloud GitOps

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  • Designing and setting up GitOps CI/CD pipelines.

What is GitOps?

GitOps is a modern DevOps practice that leverages the power of Git, the most popular version control system, to manage the deployment, scaling, and management of applications in a cloud-native environment. GitOps is designed to automate the entire software delivery pipeline, from code to production, by using Git as the single source of truth for all operational and infrastructure changes.


GitOps helps to simplify and standardize the software delivery process, making it easier for teams to collaborate and deliver high-quality software faster. With GitOps, all changes to the infrastructure and application are tracked through Git, using tools such as Github or Gitlab, allowing DevOps teams to revert back to previous versions if necessary and make changes with confidence.

Using GitOps enables DevOps teams to adopt a declarative approach to infrastructure and application management. This means you can use automation tooling to ensure that the infrastructure and application always match the desired state. This is called the Desired State Pattern. This approach makes it easier to automate and scale infrastructure and application management, as well as reduce manual errors.

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