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Avisi Cloud offers a fully Managed Kubernetes platform, part of Avisi Managed Environments. You can use your own hardware, IoT devices and more to join a Control Plane hosted by Avisi Cloud

Use Cases

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Any Cloud

  • Run on any Cloud, including your private VMware or Openstack installations.

Start focussing on your Business

Managing your own plugins and day-2 operation tooling such as Prometheus, Loki, Back-up Solutions takes time. Installed tooling often is out-dated and breaks after a cluster upgrade. Avisi Cloud makes sure all your clusters run validated and up-to-date versions of managed AddOns such as Prometheus.

Manually keeping up-to-date with all releases and tooling for the Cloud Native Eco-system is time consuming. When using Avisi Cloud Kubernetes this is automated for you.

Avisi Cloud will alert you on;

  • Security Issues
  • New releases
  • Availability issues
  • And more

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