Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (this “AUP”) describes material and activities that are not allowed in connection with the Services offered by Avisi Cloud. This AUP is not exhaustive, and Avisi Cloud reserves the right to take remedial action in connection with content or uses that are not specifically described below.

Privacy Policy

We are Avisi: a custom software development company, driven by passion. During the course of carrying out our business and performing our services, we collect personal data to improve your online experience and to achieve our goals. This privacy policy explains how and why we collect personal data. This privacy policy applies to all personal data that we collect from our website visitors, our newsletter recipients and visitors of our events and to our office in Arnhem.

Terms of Service

Welcome to Avisi Cloud’s Terms of Service! The first portion of our Terms of Service is an introduction, which is structured like an FAQ and lays out some high-level concepts before diving into other terms.