Avisi Cloud Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes

Use a Managed Kubernetes platform for multi-cloud.

We envision a future where the Kubernetes market is the cornerstone of cloud-native technology, driving innovation and digital transformation across industries worldwide.

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From zero to
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Our expertise forms the basis for our Kubernetes managed environment. We have build a platform based on years of experience with Kubernetes and cloud native technologies.

  • Console: Simplify Kubernetes management and improve operational efficiency. Use a single pane of glass to manage clusters across multiple cloud providers.
  • Identity Access Management: Single-Sign one and personal accounts for all clusters and resources, including logging and monitoring data, based on OIDC.
  • Observability: We utilize best-in-class tooling ensures log and metrics aggregation for every Kubernetes cluster, available by default.
Avisi Cloud Console - Compute overview


Cluster Management & Security:

  1. Environments: Group your clusters logically for efficient management.
  2. Single Sign-on & Personal Accounts: Use OpenID Connect (OIDC) for secure Kubernetes Cluster Access.
  3. Highly Available Control Planes: Keep your system up and running with our High Availability (HA) Mode for your Kubernetes Control Plane.
  4. IP Access Control: Secure your Kubernetes API Server with our flexible IP restriction feature.
  5. Delete Protection: Safeguard your clusters from accidental deletion.
  6. Audit Logs: Keep an eye on all changes made to your cluster with our detailed audit logs.

Interoperability & Connectivity:

  1. CNCF Conformant Kubernetes: Take advantage of a fully conformant Kubernetes distribution for optimal compatibility and performance.
  2. Clouds Agnostic: Experience identical functionality across all cloud providers with Avisi Cloud Kubernetes.
  3. Multiple Cloud Accounts: Connect various cloud accounts from any public or private cloud within your organization.

Performance & Scalability:

  1. Node Pools: Efficiently manage Kubernetes nodes with our intuitive node pools feature.
  2. Node Auto-Healing: Rest easy as we automatically replace any failed node with a healthy one.
  3. Performance Graphs: Monitor your cluster and node performance with our easy-to-understand CPU and Memory graphs.

Ease of Use & Automation:

  1. Automatic Cloud Resources Provisioning: We handle all cloud resources needed for running Kubernetes.
  2. Flexible Upgrade Channels: Choose your desired Kubernetes minor version and effortlessly patch within your channel.
  3. Automatic Upgrades: Keep your Kubernetes Cluster up-to-date during maintenance windows.
  4. Command Line Interface: Manage all your clusters across any cloud effortlessly with our CLI.
  5. Cluster Shell Access: Quickly start a shell to connect to your cluster.
  6. Terraform: Manage and provision your clusters through Terraform

Monitoring & Analytics:

  1. Integrated Monitoring & Logging: Use Prometheus and Loki add-ons for comprehensive monitoring and logging.
  2. Alerting & Runbooks: Receive high-quality, actionable Prometheus alerts complete with detailed runbooks.
  3. Alerts Overview: Keep track of all active alerts in one centralized console view.
  4. Grafana Integration: Leverage the power of Grafana for in-depth insights into your Prometheus and Loki data.
  5. Live Activity Overview: Monitor all actions in real-time to ensure smooth cluster operations.

Advanced Features:

  1. Network Encryption: Enhance your security with transparent networking encryption at the cluster layer, powered by WireGuard.
  2. Ingress Controller: Install an ingress controller in any Kubernetes Cluster, which gets automatically patched.
  3. Cloud Resources Insight: View the actual cloud resources associated with your cluster.
  4. Quotas: Control costs and minimize cloud waste effectively with our quota system.
  5. Multiple Organisations Support: Manage Kubernetes clusters for different clients or business units using multiple organisations.

Production Ready in Minutes

Get started right away, from zero to a production ready platform within minutes.

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Advanced Cluster Management

Use advanced enterprise grade management functionality across all Clouds


GitOps Ready

Quickly bootstrap your Clusters from a Git Repository using GitOps



Easily integrated Observability, natively installed within your Clusters

Avisi Cloud a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

Compliance & Security Orientated

Use the Avisi Cloud Console to managed Kubernetes Security functionality.

Multi-Cloud support

We run on multiple Public Clouds, with support for your own Datacenter or Private Cloud. See our Supported Clouds

Focused on Developer UX

With a simple and streamlined experience for developers and DevOps teams, engineering teams no-longer need indepth & specialized knowledge to deploy their Kubernetes environments. Read More

Integrated Alerting & Runbooks

Quickly get started with baseline alerting and observability for your Clusters, supported by runbooks for resolving any alerts for your Kubernetes Pods. Read more

Avisi Managed Environments support
Avisi Cloud Platform

How does it work?

We host the Kubernetes components for you - you get full admin access to the cluster.

We will handle the upgrades, security, user management, so your team can focus on managing your application.

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Smooth day-2 Operations with
Avisi Cloud Kubernetes.

Use best-in-class Open Source tooling for your Kubernetes platform. We keep it Secure, up-to-date and running Smoothly.

Pay per Hour

Pay only for the resources you use.

Always On

We will make sure we're always available

We won't get in your way

Keeping things simple and clean is a priority to us. No complicated list of options.

Best-in-Class tooling

We work using Best in Class tooling, so you get the best experience and practices available.

Effortlessly Create Clusters Across Multiple Cloud Providers

Creating a cluster in DigitalOcean, AWS or others use the exact same workflow and specification. No need to learn new cloud provider concepts or different infrastructure patterns.

Kubernetes Cluster Create

Use Cases

for Start-Ups & Scale-Up

  • Outsource Kubernetes Expertise
  • Multi Cloud Strategy
  • Development Clusters
  • From zero to Production in minutes

For Enterprises

  • Standardize your Kubernetes Strategy
  • Multi Cloud
  • Compliance with SOC-2
  • Reduce Maintenance & Operational Toil

Start focussing on your Business

Staying on top of your plugins and operational tools like Prometheus, Loki, and backup solutions can be a time-consuming task. Self-installed tools can become outdated and stop working after a cluster upgrade. Avisi Cloud streamlines this process by ensuring your clusters run the latest and validated versions of managed add-ons, such as Prometheus.

By using Avisi Cloud Kubernetes, you won't have to worry about the hassle of keeping up with the latest releases and tools in the cloud native ecosystem, as it is automated for you.

Avisi Cloud will keep you informed of important updates and issues, such as:

  • Security threats
  • New releases
  • Availability problems
  • And more.

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Avisi Cloud Kubernetes platform functionality

Public & Private Clouds

Run Kubernetes within any Public or Private Cloud, such as OpenStack & VMWare VCloud. Support for major public Cloud Providers such as AWS.

Auto upgrades

You are in control - let us know your window, and we will roll out the latest patches for your cluster. Use various update strategies to automate your cluster maintenance tasks.

Upstream Kubernetes & Consistent Experience

Use a fully CNCF compliant distribution, upstream vanilla Kubernetes. No vendor lock-in, the same great experience on different Cloud Providers.

Platform Auto-healing

Full auto-healing on all infrastructure, regardless of the Cloud platform used. Not only on your Kubernetes Nodes, but also on core components such as CNI plugins, Observability Components and more.

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