Survey Results KubeCon 2023


In this report, you will find the initial findings of our survey conducted at KubeCon EU 2023 in Amsterdam. A big thanks to everyone who visited our booth and answered our questions. We learned a lot and like sharing these insights with you so they can benefit your business!

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1. Significant challenges in managing Cloud environments

  1. Network 16%
  2. Observability 25%
  3. Security 28%
  4. Runtime 5%.
  5. Compliance 7%
  6. Storage 9%
  7. App Delivery 10%
Largest benefits using Kubernetes Pie Chart

In the talks with attendees at our booth, many of you identified security and observability as the biggest challenges in managing your cloud environments. The results from the survey also reflect these concerns, with respondents ranking them as top priorities to address. Fewer organisations reported issues with runtime and app delivery, which is unsurprising as these are core Kubernetes features. This is also reflected in the answers to question four, where we asked you about the biggest benefits of using Kubernetes.

Interestingly, our survey results indicate that compliance is not seen as a major benefit of Kubernetes, despite increasingly more companies facing increased compliance regulations from governments and other organisations.

2. Time spend per month on cluster maintenance?

  • < 20 hours. 44%
  • between 20-40 hours. 29%
  • between 40-60 hours 9%
  • 60 hours 18%

The majority of respondents said they spend 20 hours or less per cluster per month on maintenance. In total, over 75% of companies reported spending 40 hours or less on maintenance per cluster per month. However, almost 15% of respondents indicated spending more than 60 hours on their clusters per month. As environments grow bigger and more complex, the time spent on these clusters will inevitably increase. An hour spent on maintenance is not spent on your core business. Avisi Cloud believes organisations need to decide if maintaining Cloud environments is part of their core business.

3. How long does it take your organisation to patch a CVE

  • < 20 hours. 46%
  • between 20-40 hours. 29%
  • between 40-60 hours 9%
  • 60 hours 16%

Most respondents say they require less than 20 hours to patch a CVE; this is essential for responsibly operating in the current evolving cloud ecosystem. It helps prevent unauthorized access, data breaches and system crashes while it also demonstrates a commitment to cybersecurity and customer trust.

4. The biggest benefits of using Kubernetes

  • Network 6%
  • Observability. 10%
  • Security 2%
  • Runtime 21%
  • Compliance. 5%
  • Storage 6%
  • App Delivery 50%
Largest benefits using Kubernetes Pie Chart

Answers to the first question in this survey show that security and observability demand significant time and attention from organisations and are seen as major challenges that require solutions. While Kubernetes offers scalability as a significant advantage, it also adds complexity to managing security, compliance regulations and resource availability.


The results clearly show security and observability are important topics right now and will continue to be in the near future as more and more organisations have to comply with increasing legislation.